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About us
From the beginnings to present day.

C-Pro Direct exists to support medical professionals, parents and children affected by paediatric orthopaedic conditions of the lower limbs.

We support the Ponseti method for treatment of clubfoot. C-Prodirect is the sole European and Russian distributor for MD Orthopaedics who design and manufacture the "Mitchell" Ponseti Ankle Foot Orthosis. This orthosis was developed with Dr. Ponseti and has helped thousands of children across the world to avoid clubfoot relapses. Anthony on WiiWorking in collaboration with MD Orthopaedics, C-Prodirect designs and manufactures the Abduction Dorsiflexion Mechanism (ADM), which is a new generation of foot abduction braces offering unrivalled levels of active control, comfort and convenience.

C-Prodirect also provide the Black Robin Designs range of products to help parents and children better manage a variety of conditions affecting the lower limbs. These include socks specifically designed for use with our braces, baby sleeping bags and the Dorsi Ramp, a great child friendly aid to physiotherapy.

C-Prodirect manufactures the Black Robin Designs range of products to help parents and children better manage a variety of conditions affecting the lower limbs. Our child friendly dorsiflexion ramp for idiopathic "toe walkers", Cerebral Palsy sufferers and for clubfeet, is the only product of its kind and a brilliant way of increasing mobility in children through physiotherapy.

Black Robin products also include a specially designed clothing and sleepwear range for babies and children with lower limb conditions.

C-Pro Direct: The beginning...

It all began with Anthony. Prior to the 20 week scan we knew nothing of clubfoot, but then it all changed. Like 1 in 1000 parents the world over, we discovered our child had clubfeet.

Anthony was born in July 2004 with severe clubfoot, or Congenital Talipes Equino Varus (CTEV).

Our research soon led us to conclude the Ponseti Method offered the possibility of an amazing outcome – fully functional, normal looking feet without the downsides of invasive surgery.

Also in 2004, and unknown to us, John Mitchell started working with Dr Ponseti at the University of Iowa to develop an improved clubfoot brace.

Some months after Anthony’s treatment began all was not well with Anthony’s feet. We contacted Dr Ponseti who told us Anthony needed to be treated by a more experienced practitioner and that he should use the brace he had developed with John Mitchell.

Anthony was the first to use John Mitchell’s Ponseti brace in Europe and the impact on his feet was nothing short of miraculous. As the word spread other parents in Europe were soon eager to get hold of John Mitchell’s Ponseti brace. And so C-Prodirect – European Distributor to MD Orthopaedics - began.

Stella and Philip Morris

C-Pro Direct: The company today.

In 2004 C-Prodirect helped just a small number of parents eager to benefit from John Mitchell ‘s new clubfoot brace. Today we have thousands of customers in 33 countries throughout Europe and beyond. Our partnership with John Mitchell has grown stronger and our team larger.

We believe our success is built on the very best in product design combined with an absolute commitment to quality and to servicing our customers needs and concerns without fuss or delay.

Since our beginnings our product range has grown significantly. We now offer a more comprehensive range of braces and medical models from MD Orthopaedics and have developed a new range of products under the brand name Black Robin Designs. Black Robin products are born out of practical experience from the perspective of parents, carers and children and complement our MD Orthopaedics product range.

C-Prodirect is already Europe’s leading provider of braces and other supplies related to Clubfoot and has the most comprehensive range of products in this area. We are a key resource for both practitioners and parents affected by clubfoot.

C-Prodirect will continue to work closely with leading doctors, physiotherapists and MD Orthopaedics, to innovate and develop new products.



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